Crypto enthusiasts and investors are no longer the only audience earning income from blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Play to Earn gaming has begun to transform the entire gaming industry and provide ways to earn income for gamers, creators, fans and ordinary people around the world in a fun and engaging way. …

As the launch of our much anticipated flagship DeFi NFT powered game Battle Wave 2323 draws closer, its time to delve deeper into the details of what makes Battle Wave 2323 stand out and how it works!

At AnRKey X, we set out to create DeFi games that were not only profitable, but fun, fair and community driven! Traditionally yield farming is a solo undertaking, significantly benefiting those with a large amount of liquidity provision. The more tokens staked on standard yield farming platforms the lower the APY, thus making it only beneficial for very large holders.

The difference between…

At AnRKey X we strive to bring our community the best in valuable and rare NFTs that have real utility and purpose, with fair and accurate pricing — and we are not slowing down any time soon! As we have mentioned in our community we have been developing celebrity NFTs which are getting ready to launch soon.

Since we get asked everyday in our community and we know you have all been waiting anxiously, we decided to share with you some incredible updates and news before they drop!

We have recently brought on top hollywood celebrity entertainment executives to lead…

***UPDATE 5/21 9am UTC: We have decided to move Chiqui’s NFT sale to Rarible as you can now you can pay with Credit or Debit Card! Instruction Guide is here. And even better you can also use your $ANRX to purchase this NFT on OpenSea which these NFTs will be available for purchase there too!

We’re back again revolutionizing the industry, being the first with frontier technology of DeFi, Esports gaming, and social entertainment!

AnRKey X brings you The FIRST DeFi Powered Celebrity NFT — Chiquis

The first celebrity NFT to generate APY rewards

The first celebrity NFT to be…

Each and every day on the frontier of DeFi Gaming is exciting, as we are introduced to new projects and teams that will undoubtedly innovate and transform the space. It is so inspiring when these projects align in our coalition’s shared vision, rebellious spirit, and enthusiasm for the world of DeFi gaming.

Our newest member does just that! We are thrilled to announce that Conflux, a high performance blockchain designed for dApps that require speed at scale without sacrificing decentralization has joined the DeFi Gaming Coalition, as they work to create an internet of value for all.

Who is Conflux?

Pioneering a new industry requires a strong community of like-minded and innovative projects with a shared vision, and that’s what we’re focused on building here at the DeFi Gaming Coalition. We are constantly scouring the industry for emerging companies that share our technologically rebellious spirit and enthusiasm for fostering the growth of decentralized finance and gaming for mass adoption.

Nothing inspires us more than finding projects that share this same vision, which is why we are overjoyed to announce our newest member, a cryptocurrency incubator focused on funding, supporting, and advising ambitious cryptocurrency startups — Maven Capital!

Who is Maven…

AnRKey X is thrilled to announce that we have partnered with ReBaked, an innovative DAO that enables independent knowledge workers to design, launch, and scale projects in the “Ownership Economy”. We are especially excited about this partnership, as it is the first true partnership focused on advancing the network of creators that will be utilizing the AnRKey X DeFi Dapp and NFT development engine. We believe that this strategic partnership will help the world’s independent game developers and NFT asset creators broaden opportunities to monetize their work, while increasing monetization efficiency and audience growth moving forward into the Web3 future.

As a community of innovative leaders, technological rebels, gaming enthusiasts, and DeFi experts dedicated to fostering and supporting the development of decentralized token-based economies for gaming, we are always on the lookout for like minded projects that share our vision!

We are overjoyed to announce our newest member and the very first DeFi investment fund in the DeFi Gaming Coalition — GAINS Associates!

Who are GAINS Associates?

Founded in 2017, GAINS Associates is the world’s first decentralized VC, and has a long proven track record of investing and facilitating the early stage growth of over 80 successful crypto projects, including Tier 1 projects Quant…

The DeFi Gaming Coalition formed to create an ecosystem where modern and lucrative decentralized financial services can be introduced to a broader audience through the world of gaming. We are pleased to announce that DeFi 11 is joining us in that mission bringing transparency, accountability and security to the DeFi gaming universe.

What is DeFi 11?

DeFi 11 is a DeFi powered gaming ecosystem consisting of fantasy sports, NFT virtual hybrid worlds, social betting and P2P predictions. The DeFi 11 platform works on-chain to list games, NFTs, prediction contracts, betting, fantasy sports, swapping, rewards and staking — providing transparency, accountability, and auditability for the…

The vision of The DeFi Gaming Coalition is to create an ecosystem where modern and lucrative decentralized financial services can be introduced to a broader audience through the world of gaming. We are pleased to announce that Lepricon is joining that mission bringing exciting prediction markets, blockchain games, and NFT utility to the table!

What is Lepricon?

Lepricon is a community-owned and governed prediction games platform allowing stakers, developers, and gamers to enjoy the benefits of gamified Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

The Lepricon platform is two-fold, focusing on both prediction-based gameplay as well as native token staking and liquidity mining, designed…

AnRKey X Official

AnRKey X makes it easy for billions of gamers around the world to monetize their game play, participate in ownership & earn real money.

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