AnRKey X Enters The Metaverse In Partnership With Netvrk!

The future of Play to Earn gaming will undoubtedly have a life within immersive Virtual Reality worlds, as gamers flock to metaverse platforms that will become the online home for gaming communities to connect, play, and grow. We are so excited to announce that AnRKey X will be entering the metaverse in partnership with Netvrk! We are truly inspired by Netvrk’s vision for the role virtual worlds will play in the future of DeFi gaming and blockchain gaming as a whole.

For the uninitiated, Netvrk is a metaverse built on Unreal Engine with powerful tools and infrastructure to easily build, share, experience, and monetize creations. Netvrk is focused on gaming, education and virtual workplaces built around ownership of virtual land and assets. Working with the team at Netvrk we will be building a virtual Head Quarters and work towards fully integrating AnRKey X NFTs and gaming experiences!

Through our partnership with Netvrk, AnRKey X gamers will be able to interact, play, and battle with each other not only within the AnRKey X virtual HQ, but anywhere AnRKey X gamers encounter each other across the metaverse! AnRKey X gamers will be able to spot each other a mile away with digital identifiers on their metaverse avatars. The building of our virtual HQ provides a place enabling global virtual reality access to our AnRKey X games, news, NFTs, community channels, events and much more!

“AnRKey is a an amazing partner to work with. Both their team and product are stellar and are innovating in the blockchain gaming space. We are looking forward to both our projects working together and creating great experiences.” Dan Kennedy, Chief Marketing Officer, Netvrk

Learn more about Netvrk:

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About AnRKey X

AnRKey X is a “play to earn” DeFi NFT gaming company that makes it easy for billions of gamers around the world to monetize their game play, participate in ownership, and earn real money. Since launch, AnRKey X has pushed the boundaries of Web3 technology with DeFi social gaming and utility based non-fungible tokens, including chart topping DeFi gaming NFTs (5X #1s on NFT marketplace Rarible ), launching the first DeFi-powered celebrity gaming NFT, and developing a first of its kind DeFi NFT social game — Battle Wave 2323

The core of AnRKey X is the disruptive gDEX Protocol (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange), which enables a tokenized social gaming network economy utilizing non-fungible tokens. The gDEX Protocol hosts AnRKey X’s “play to earn” game products and a 3rd party developer engine for creators to develop and distribute their own unique gamified DeFi Dapps and NFTs. The native Web3 token of the gDEX is $ANRX, which incentivizes actions towards collective rewards and rights ownership.

Founded by recognized global leaders with 80+ years of collective experience in crypto, DeFi, gaming, FinTech, and entertainment, AnRKey X aims to lead the gaming industry into the Web3 future.

AnRKey X makes it easy for billions of gamers around the world to monetize their game play, participate in ownership & earn real money.