AnRKey X x SpiderDAO Giving Rewarding $ANRX Holders With Another Utility

An official partnership between AnRKey X and SpiderDAO

Oh, you thought we were done rewarding our #AnRKistArmy tokens holders? Don’t stress, we have more in store for you! The past couple of days, $ANRX has been on a roll with more token holders arriving at the scene every single day. We’re getting closer to launching our very first product, Battle Wave 2323, and thus our $ANRX token will start to see the real utility. However, before we arrive there, we thought of our beloved community members and want to bring you something special. We’ve partnered with SpiderDAO to bring their services to our community.

Do you remember Polkastarter just out the gate? Seems like a lifetime ago while it has only been a couple of months. The first-ever project to launch on Polkastarter was SpiderDAO, a project that has been constantly delivering ever since. Their strong presence in the industry is growing by the day since they’re bridging the gap between software, cloud operations, privacy, and physical hardware. SpiderDAO is doing something really unique, and we’re more than proud to work together with such talented minds.

With this basis, you can really see how we are trying to give our users the best-decentralized experience and adding in additional collaborative features to cover all areas of our development now, and moving forward.

Nathan Varty — CEO of SpiderDAO:
“The team at SpiderDAO is thrilled to be collaborating with anRKey X, their innovative vision to combine DeFi, Gaming, and NFTs is something everyone needs to keep an eye on. We wish the team luck as they begin this journey and are excited to work together with them on future projects.”

J.D. Salbego — AnRKey X CEO, Founder, & Art Director:
AnRKey X was founded on the core belief of a more democratized, fair, and trustworthy digital future where users retain full ownership of their digital assets and rights and that does not only apply to gaming, currency, and NF but also applies to their own data and privacy too. What SpiderDao offers, not only with its products but vision, is exactly aligned with ours. We believe a truly decentralized VPN network, incentives token ecosystem, and removing 3rd party intermediaries is the future of privacy and data rights. We look forward to a valuable and long-term relationship with the Spider Dao team — J.D. Salbego — AnRKey X CEO, Founder, & Art Director.

Together, the partnership also brings forth:

2. Bonus liquidity mining reward provided by SpiderDAO in the form of SpiderVPN Router or SpiderVPN subscription.

3. LaU creates additional benefits for ANRX LPs, driving an increase in demand for ANRX tokens.

4. Dedicated custom LaU claim page designed by SpiderDAO on

5. Joint marketing efforts and additional exposure for both projects involved (AMA, social announcements).

6. Opportunity to accelerate awareness of SpiderDAO project and build liquidity

Bringing you the best in decentralized internet experience

It’s not often that you see a blockchain company having actual utility in the real-world through a hardware product. To leverage their products and scale up the usage, SpiderDAO came up with their Liquidity as Utility (LaU) model. The terms are simple: if you stake $ANRX through SpiderDAO, you can gain access to SpiderVPN. The process of claiming your LaU is as easy as the three steps you can find below;

  1. Stake $ANRX through the SpiderDAO portal (coming soon)
  2. Follow SpiderDAO on Twitter and post a tweet including the #SpiderVPN hashtag
  3. Join the official SpiderDAO telegram channel

If you want to learn more about the Liquidity as a Utility model, please read SpiderDAO’s article on this topic. We’re more than excited to start offering this service to our community! Want to get started straight away? Head over to SpiderDAO’s portal and stake your $ANRX tokens!

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