Hey #AnRKistArmy! Finally the moment you have all been waiting for! After 6 months of development with our 17 devs, designers, animators and our core team working 24/7 we are EXCITED to announce the first Battle Wave 2323 round of Public Beta Testing is starting on April 26th, 2021!

We are beyond grateful to have over 15,500 registered users from our #AnRKistArmy community signup and you all will finally get your chance to play!

Out of these 15,500+ users, the 50 winning #AnRKistArmy Founders who will get to test before anyone else have been chosen and will be emailed a private link to join the exclusive Founders Telegram group with ONLY our core AnRKey X team.

If you’d like a full recap you can check the original Public Beta Test announcement here

In this article we will be disclosing the details of the Public Beta Testing process of Battle Wave 2323 so that all of our community members can stay up to date!

The first game of the Beta Test is set to begin on Monday April 26 at 12:00pm UTC, and will end on Sunday at 11:59pm UTC.

The Beta Testing Process will follow these steps:

  • AnRKey X will select teams for the players, and send around $100 of LP tokens for the pool pair assigned to the testers (layer 1)
  • AnRKey X will send around $75 of $ANRX to testers to spend during gameplay (layer 2)
  • During the game period, AnRKey X will send each player their Founder NFT with the highest rarity and power level — 300,000% APY for staking in the game (layer 1)
  • Testers will receive a Beta Feedback Link to alert AnRKey X about any issues and feedback during gameplay

The distribution of Founder Achievement NFTs will go as follows:

  • The first week of our Public Beta Testing, we will airdrop to the first 10 winning users
  • The second week of Beta Testing we will airdrop them to the remaining 40 users

The third week will be the Top DeFi influencer Public Beta Testing:

With a community of over 15,500 users signed up for the occasion, this will be one of those major events that can’t be missed!

Names of the major DeFi influencers publicly testing Battle Wave 2323 will be announced soon so check in our community frequently!

You can see the Founder Achievement NFTs on our NFT page:

In case you’ve forgotten, let us remind you of the EPIC FEATURES that come with Founder Achievement NFTs:

  1. Exclusive access to the AnRKey X Founder’s club, allowing you to join the Founder’s club channel where you will receive exclusive news and updates before anyone else, and you’ll be able to engage and interact with the AnRKey X founders. The special founders group has already been created, and all the lucky winners will be emailed after the time of publication with an exclusive invite link.
  2. Unlocking limited access to exclusive features of the Public Beta Test of Battle Wave 2323, which are gonna take the gaming experience to the next level.
  3. Acquisition of a custom founder profile pic for you to flex your status on your Telegram and Discord accounts, and a special Founder Achievement badge for all the Battle Wave 2323 users to see your privileged status.
  4. An NFT collectible with the highest Rarity and Power levels that can be staked in our games to gain access to even higher APY rewards and enjoy some awesome extra game functionality.
  5. Winners will have a chance to win $1337 of $ANRX

You can read the full original announcement here

Make sure to stay connected as this is going to be a huge event packed with exciting news and updates that you don’t want to miss!

With our full Wiki launching next week full of details of everything about Battle Wave 2323 and all our power APY boosted gaming NFTs it’s only a matter of time before you get your hands on the guidebook of the most explosive innovation of DeFi based Esports and NFT gaming — Battle Wave 2323!

In the meantime learn the average expected rewards of weekly battles and how you can earn up to 350% APY or more — and compete for a weekly prize pool of hundreds of thousands of dollars ($) worth of $ANRX that can continually increase in value ($) just by YOU our #AnRKistArmy community, utilizing our $ANRX Arcade coin more and more!

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Founded by recognized global leaders in crypto, DeFi, gaming and entertainment the AnRKey X™ protocol platform is a gDEX (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange), designed to merge DeFi, Esports, and NFTs into one on their gaming platform creating a brand new industry called m$ports (money sports). AnRKey X’s token, $ANRX, works just like an arcade coin, the more you purchase, play, stake, sell, and compete, the more $ANRX you earn within the AnRKey X™ gaming system. The award winning team has over 60+ years of combined experience working in blockchain and crypto, traditional gaming, financial technology, and music and entertainment industries. The team is combining DeFi liquidity reward farming and staking with community driven eSports and Web 3.0 NFTs. The AnRKey X™ defi game and NFT studio will be releasing continuous games in their m$ports™ genre, with their first game Battle Wave 2323™

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