Building Battle Wave 2323 in Unity to Bring You the Best Gaming Experience

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4 min readFeb 14, 2021

AnRKey X™ made the decision to build our Battle Wave 2323™ game on Unity, a gaming engine that is used by the top gaming studios like Nintendo, Sony, Ubisoft, Blizzard, EA, etc., to design remarkable video games for computers, consoles, mobile devices, and websites. Unity has many benefits over other coding options, allowing us to deliver the best gaming experience possible to our players.

With Battle Wave 2323™, AnRKey X™ presents an innovative fusion of multiple cutting-edge fields including decentralized finance (DeFi), electronic sports (eSports), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), all in one platform. We further incorporate our unique design style, mixing retrowave with cyberpunk elements in all of our custom digital artwork. The result is the most incredible gaming experience in the crypto world, all at your fingertips.

Building on Unity enables us to optimize Battle Wave 2323™ for our users and to facilitate our future game development plans. Read on to understand why we chose Unity and how it benefits our players and games.

Why was Unity chosen over other alternatives?

The most effective and popular options for underpinning video games are Unity3D and HTML5 (incorporating JavaScript). When compared to these other gaming bases, Unity is much more powerful in general; it has more features, higher performance, and better scalability. Importantly, this technology also facilitates cross-platform support, enabling access to the same game through different browsers and devices. Unity also comes with a strong built-in user interface (UI) composer, supporting the generation of highly effective and attractive interfaces. Since we want to deliver the biggest and best game out there, the choice was clear — we opted to use Unity over HTML.

Battle Wave 2323 Dashboard with Team Chat

How did we translate the design language of AnRKey X into a game user interface (UI)?

Unity’s UI Composer tool is the best in the field for seamlessly building a game interface to accompany its underlying design language. This tool is directly built into the Unity gaming engine so that there is perfect cohesion between our innovative gaming premise and the interface in which players interact with it. Unity also offers curated UI tools and components through the Unity Asset Store, which we incorporated with our own striking digital art to generate a platform UI that is stunning, easy to use, intuitive, and utterly addicting.

How did we build Battle Wave 2323™ in Unity?

Unity already underpins a significant portion of games out there in the world, including many of those you already know and love — and many of those in the DeFi industry. While nobody else has a product quite like ours, Unity has already shown its ability to operate in this field, integrating with blockchain coding and associated tools such as crypto wallets and decentralized exchanged (DEXs). Battle Wave 2323™ centers around gamifying liquidity mining, built upon our complex blockchain-based economy of NFTs and our native $ANRX arcade coins. Unity was able to flawlessly link to and interoperate with our blockchain basis, enabling liquidity mining to be seamlessly translated from a relatively boring and repetitive task into a consuming and exciting game.

How will Unity be used in future games?

AnRKey X™ intends to use Unity for future versions of Battle Wave 2323™ and our other m$ports™ games under development. Once Battle Wave 2323™ has launched its full version for desktop, we are going mobile so that you can play anytime, anywhere. Unity is a strong method for underpinning mobile gaming in addition to desktop formats. This coding will help us effortlessly transition our m$ports™ games to mobile versions. Such a smooth translation will ensure a quick development cycle, comparable security across devices, and cohesive gameplay on all platforms — everything will remain as we carefully curated it to be, based on the data-driven analysis of what is best for our games’ user experience.

Overall, our ultimate priority is to bring you the best games ever — games that are totally unique, visually captivating, beneficial as DeFi tools, and most importantly — enjoyable. Unity helps us achieve all of these functions, allowing us to prioritize you and your gaming experience above all.

Want to participate in the Public Beta test of Battle Wave 2323?

Sign up HERE for a chance to be the first to join our public beta test launch of Battle Wave 2323 this Q1 2021 and a chance to win $1337 and highly valuable NFT’s worth $539 each! We have over 6,600 sign ups already!

You can also read the full Public Beta Test Launch Signup Rewards Medium article HERE for more information about the FOUNDER ACHIEVEMENT NFTs and their EPIC EXCLUSIVE FEATURES!

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