How We Made Battle Wave 2323’s UI Simple & Intuitive

How We Made Battle Wave 2323’s UI Simple & Intuitive

At AnRKey X, we think big. How else could we have pioneered the dynamic new gDEX platform and invented a whole new genre of gaming? We understand what it means to lead the pack in breakthrough technology and navigate the uncharted territories of this new industry. It hasn’t been easy — it took months of planning, scrapping, and approaching things from new angles to end up with something we’re proud to share.

But, that’s what we’re here for: to simplify liquidity mining and earning APY rewards. Moreover, we want to incentivize you to earn more, by gamifying the process. That way, the more you play, the more direct value you’ll get from the game.

Keeping this goal in mind, our priority with the Battle Wave 2323™ user interface (UI) was to make it easy as pie for players to jump in, start playing, and keep track of progress and value earned. Because Battle Wave 2323™ is a competitive Esports-based game, having readily available gaming stats and scores is important, too.

So, we combined these different functions and turned player mining and rewards into the gaming stats themselves — all housed and easy to access on their own HUD (but more on that later). The point is, we designed Battle Wave 2323™ with an innovative UI that makes playing and earning simple, intuitive, and stable.

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Introducing: The Battle Wave 2323™ UI

Battle Waves 2323 team selection dashboard

If we could rearrange the alphabet, we’d put U and I together.

One of the major problems with existing DeFi liquidity mining and farming is that it can be confusing and difficult to master quickly. DeFi is a phenomenal market to be in right now. But, it’s also rife with scammers and rug pullers who will suck out any value they can get from a project, leaving everyone else high and dry. In contrast, the Battle Wave 2323™ UI is easy to understand from a gaming and mining perspective. That way, even new players can jump right in and immediately make sense of the game to control their earnings.

Here’s the lowdown on how players can expect to interact with the Battle Wave 2323™ UI:

Real-Time Updates and Transactions:

Battle Wave 2323™ is a competitive, team-based game. So, you need to communicate with your pool army.

Instantly chatting with your teammates via Discord is a no-brainer. In addition to chatting, the Activity Feed keeps you up to date with each other’s purchases, upgrades, and more — in real-time! That means your team can stay on top of everything happening across its members, helping the team to be proactive in figuring out a game strategy.

As we mentioned, liquidity and APY growth operate as player gaming stats and scores. These are calculated using our proprietary auto-sync models within the Battle Wave 2323™ logic layer. Once these calculations are made, all that info, plus your team’s activity, is synthesized and displayed to players in clear, easy-to-read gauges. As a result, your and your team’s most important stats are only ever just a glance away.

Even better, this information is always up to date, thanks to the Battle Wave 2323™ network of high-impact APIs that handle all the activity in the game. Through this API, stats are constantly being catalyzed and refreshed immediately. With each refresh, instant notifications about changes automatically generate and disperse through the network to each player.

How Game Stats & Gauges Work:

As discussed, your stats and scores are displayed in easy-to-read gauges. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg — it gets so much cooler.

Player stats and medals evolve with the game over time. Piggybacking off blockchain technology, Battle Wave 2323™ documents the evolution of players and their strategies as the game progresses. AnRKey X™ modeled this mechanism after the Evolutionary Game Theory, supported by human behavior, psychology, and physiology, which suggests successful game strategies largely depend on what strategies other people are using.

By constantly recalculating this information, we’re able to keep Battle Wave 2323™ a totally dynamic competitive game as well as an APY boosting experience. Furthermore, the game constantly adapts along with its players. It works to motivate players, too, by suggesting what the winning NFT’s value will be, providing a tangible goal to focus on.

Easy Access to the Essentials & Using HUDs for a Seamless Experience

Players are never more than two clicks away from any information they need and can access all of it right from the main gameplay pages. There’s no need to worry about getting lost in a sea of pages or tangled in a complicated stat-map you have to decipher.

Battle Wave 2323™ was designed with an ultra-functional double-layer information display hierarchy. Our goal is to make DeFi accessible and intuitive to everyone. First, players’ most important information is prioritized on main pages. These include the pool selector page (where you can choose your army/liquidity pool token pairing) and the main character game page (where you can view all of your personal and team details as well as the message board).

Pop-up HUDs house everything else. A HUD (heads-up display) is an individual file holding information specific to one topic. This shows your most relevant stats in a pop-up view.

This two-pronged system keeps the game moving smoothly by keeping the page count low and load times faster. Players always have access to the most important information at all times, and can easily see the rest in just a couple of clicks.

Overall, Battle Wave 2323™ was designed with the player in mind, and our easy-to-use, streamlined, and visually striking UI reflects that.

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