How We Transformed Battle Wave 2323’s Unique Design Into In-Game Animations

If you haven’t noticed, at AnRKey X, we’re absolutely stoked about the art behind Battle Wave 2323. We just can’t stop talking about it. We’re incredibly pleased with the end result, though it took great effort to make it function smoothly within the game.

First of all, we had a specific vision for the design: something that players would read as immediately futuristic, tech-heavy, and absolutely bleeding cyberpunk vibes. But, we also wanted some familiarity to it, so it felt less alien. We knew that the retro wave would provide that nostalgia while still lending itself to the futuristic look.

But as usual, we didn’t stop there. We went totally all in and added some hip hop elements and bold neon colors, pretty much making it look like a glow-stick civilization got massacred all over everything. That way, Battle Wave 2323™ is as engaging to look at as it is to play. Plus, this art is really important for our NFTs, since we needed a unique aesthetic that gaming, tech, and crypto fans would all love.

And the result? We absolutely nailed it — glitch-core was born.

We’ve integrated our original IP glitch-core aesthetic into every facet of Battle Wave 2323™. We accomplished this all through the Unity game engine. Check out a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how the team brought the full vision to life:

It Wasn’t Us!: Frame By Frame Animation

We’re not going to dive into animation theory or anything — but we do want players to know exactly how meticulously the AnRKey X™ and Battle Wave 2323™ teams worked to get all minutiae of the gaming experience perfectly right. Even if you’re not familiar with the process, you can probably already guess how frame-by-frame animation works. Basically, anytime there’s movement on-screen, a whole new, slightly altered image has to be drawn that follows the first. Using this process, a series of slightly progressing images are created until they can all be lined up and watched in sequence — just like a flipbook.

Thanks to this striking animation style, when players experience the victory and defeat sequences of Battle Wave 2323™, they’ll be watching hundreds of hours of meticulous frame-by-frame animation. Every single fade, color, text, and other elements of the animation had to be individually created or added to every. Single. Frame.

Then, we had to export the art frame by frame in order for the animation to function properly, too — all to deliver you the best game possible.

We Can Feel It In Our Bones: Skeletal Animation

Some animations in Battle Wave 2323™ like our loot chests use skeletal animation. That’s just a fancy way of saying we used computerized puppets to animate these sequences.

The process is really cool. Our team created a rig of each box. Like a skeleton, the rig is a general shape, with “bones” that provide its structure and outline. From there, they manipulated it like a marionette to make it move how, when, and where it needed to. Then, they went in and hand drew the full design over each skeleton, changing the images to match each move of the skeleton.

The result was the super-crisp animation of our decked-out chests that players will be able to fully appreciate once they see it in the game.

Particle Effects

People with motion or computer graphics backgrounds will probably already recognize this style of animation. But even if you don’t, it’s a pretty familiar concept. Think mosaics. Particle effect animation, like a mosaic, is made from several tiny pieces fitting together to make a complete animation.

As you can probably guess, particle animations work best for textured or blurry sequences that are pretty much impossible to render in any different animation form. Graphics like rain or snow, explosions, and smoke. We leverage this effect in Battle Wave 2323™’s animated characters and raining coins. We use the particles (a series of tiny sprites) to randomize the falling and simulate the natural movement of rain, explosions, and power boosts.

Everything But The Kitchen Sink: Using All Three Styles

In many cases though, we combine all three techniques in one animation sequence.

Let’s go back to the chests. Sure, we use skeletal animation for the box itself. But, there’s so much more detail to the design than just an opening chest. When the glitter and lights explode out when a player opens one — you guessed it! That’s particle effects. The concept art layered over the skeleton of the chest is done frame by frame.

We spent a long time on this process alone. The team went through several versions of concepts and trial and error until we ended up with something we were proud to put the AnRKey X™ seal of approval on.

Why do we put so much detail into every piece of our game? We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again:

Making sure everyone who plays Battle Wave 2323™ has a full, engaging, and fun experience is our number one goal. We know achieving this goal requires stimulating and enticing visuals that are as exciting as the gameplay itself — especially because it’s a DeFI-based game where your NFTs hold real value (and, you actually fully own them).

So, we made sure the art of Battle Wave 2323™ not only stood up to the high standards of AnRKey X™, but those of its players, too. We’re confident we succeeded.

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