Innovative Smart Contracts by AnRKey X

The range of solutions built and deployed using smart contracts is being continually diversified across new and exciting applications. AnRKey X is combining eSports gaming with decentralized financial (DeFi) architecture to unlock an exciting new class in the DeFi gaming industry, with native Arcade Tokens and NFTs that have real utility and value.

Against this backdrop, this article discusses the innovative smart contracts that AnRKey X is creating. The future and fundamental building block for the m$ports™ (“Money Sports”) ecosystem.

AnRKey X: Gaming Transformed!

Built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, AnRKey X is a novel DeFi-based gaming solution that leverages Non-Fungible Token (NFT) assets. Dubbed the gDEX, AnRKey X’s proprietary protocol strives to combine the best of digital gaming and DeFi.

Thus introducing liquidity mining, in-game NFT marketplaces, harvesting, all as a combined ecosystem. AnRKey X’s innovation will transform the gaming industry from within and will change the perception of the usage of smart contract logic. We can approach these innovations by AnRKey X under four broad categories:

Economic Logic Models

Automated and decentralized economic logic models form the protocol’s base layer, and in this sense, tie the whole together. We have built on the principles of the blockchain community’s pillars of trustless, self-governing, and open-access ecosystems. By generating a derived-based value (DBV) for the NFT to inherit and stabilize $ANRX token pricing, the smart contracts accurately price the rewards generated on the platform.

To ensure fairness, the protocol adopts a similar approach to harvesting-based DeFi protocols, circulating the extremely rare APY boosts called Golden Chalices. Over each week, 9 of the winners of Battle Wave 2323 — AnRKey X’s first game release — are chosen at random and given the reward. So, all players who are staking and boosting for the increase in APY (Annual Percentage Yield), stand a chance to win these unique and valuable rewards on top of industry-leading APYs.

Fair Market Models

Ensuring fairness has been one of the major concerns of developers in the blockchain-based gaming industry, yet a majority of the existing offerings enable (and even prioritize) the creation of ‘whales’ — players who rise to the top of the game, dominate it, take control of the available resources, including NFTs and native token yields.

Physical arcades have the option of reusing tokens by simply recycling used tokens for new players, which mirrors a principle of the Battle Wave 2323™ game token mechanics. AnRKey X strives to ensure that the chances of winning are directly proportional to the combined staking and APY boosts of all members in a team. In turn, this guarantees a fair gaming environment where dedication and hard teamwork are the primary markers of success. Thanks to the gDEX protocol, there are no more players with a “premium” subscription that not everyone can afford, giving them an unfair advantage. Moreover, the facilitating smart contract is the first-of-its-kind in terms of scalability and the stability of the involved crypto-assets.

Self-Balancing & Competitive Ecosystem

Over recent years, several groundbreaking studies have uncovered clues to the relationship between biological evolution and gaming mechanics. Dr. Richard Dawkins revolutionized the idea of evolutionary game theory, asserting that gaming behavior has connections with the player’s core instincts and DNA. Apart from the survival and proliferation of the fittest, gamer’s actions are dependent upon the actions of others around them in the game’s world.

This applies to in-game strategies, adaptations, and maneuvers. To develop a highly competitive ecosystem, AnRKey X has incorporated the aforementioned logic. Battle Wave 2323™ records the individual player’s behavior on the underlying blockchain, and the game accounts for the evolution of the gaming character, thus presenting players with new opportunities. The system also challenges the player to engage and compete biologically, like in real-world situations. While balancing the results in a coherent and ‘natural’ way.

Derived Base Values

NFTs in general, and digital arcade tokens in particular, are often valued based on perception and demand alone. However, in this case, our developers have implemented a mechanism to assign a derived value to the associated NFTs. Primarily, the approach is to peg in-game NFTs and rewards with the market value of the $ANRX token, wherein the derived value is calculated based on gaming duration as well the competitive distribution of the aggregate value of the in-game prizes. Similar to how Nike sells shoes at accurate retail pricing (even if resells sell for much more), the Derived Base Value sets a fair market price based on the value of the $ANRX token and volume of Arcade Tokens that are played.

In turn, this strengthens the value of all other components of the AnRKey X gaming ecosystem. NFTs circulated within the Battle Wave 2323 world have real long-term value concerning APY, collectability, and playability.

An Optimally Incentivized Gaming Experience

Around the world, gamers invest substantial amounts of time and effort while also generating massive chunks of data. Yet, in general, they are seldom incentivized fairly and competitively. Leveraging blockchain technology and through the innovations of our smart contracts and logic models, AnRKey X is on a journey towards disrupting the gaming industry. In doing so, we aim to create an unprecedented experience for the global gaming community while generating real value for their achievements in the world of gamers and gaming.

On one hand, this will facilitate a wider scope of earnings from our games, and on the other, it puts players in control of their gaming outcomes. As the crypto world becomes more mainstream, the context of players in our gaming universe is built to match that expansion.

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