Introducing The AnRKey X gDEX Technical Architecture Stack

Building DeFi NFT powered games that provide a level playing field in the interest of all our users is at the core of what we do at AnRKey X. With this in mind, we built our Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange (gDEX) utilizing fair market models and the core ethos of Satoshi himself, backed by our innovative smart contracts.

Our flagship Esports driven game Battle Wave 2323 is a perfect specimen of what we aimed to achieve when we first developed the revolutionary ideas behind our gDEX platform. The value and rewards system is tied to our innovative proprietary Derived Base Value engine, where the $ANRX token price among other variables, dictates the dollar ($) value of Total Volume Locked on the platform as well as the value and amount of rewards earned. The higher the $ANRX token price, the higher TVL on platform and value of the weekly prize pool of up to almost 1,000,000 $ANRX, equating to hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars!

Below we delve into the details of each of the core components of our gDEX architecture.

m$ports DApps

Bitcoin-Like Rewards Randomization

Derived Base Value of our NFTs

Automated Fair Market Economics Logic Theory

Automated Economic Logic Models

Evolutionary Game Theory

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About AnRKey X™

Founded by recognized global leaders in crypto, DeFi, gaming and entertainment the AnRKey X™ protocol platform is a gDEX (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange), designed to merge DeFi, Esports, and NFTs into one on their gaming platform creating a brand new industry called m$ports (money sports). AnRKey X’s token, $ANRX, works just like an arcade coin, the more you purchase, play, stake, sell, and compete, the more $ANRX you earn within the AnRKey X™ gaming system. The award winning team has over 60+ years of combined experience working in blockchain and crypto, traditional gaming, financial technology, and music and entertainment industries. The team is combining DeFi liquidity reward farming and staking with community driven eSports and Web 3.0 NFTs. The AnRKey X™ defi game and NFT studio will be releasing continuous games in their m$ports™ genre, with their first game Battle Wave 2323™

AnRKey X makes it easy for billions of gamers around the world to monetize their game play, participate in ownership & earn real money.