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AnRKey X launches the DeFi Gaming Alliance:

“Accelerating the convergence of DeFi and Gaming for Mass Adoption”

Just weeks after going live on Testnet, followed by last Friday’s Live Audience Testing Video launch of the Battle Wave 2323 Beta v1.37 — AnRKey X™ is ready to show the world what we’ve been working on for so long behind closed doors. We are following it up with another big addition to developing this industry. The DeFi Gaming Alliance. AnRKey X’s idea was born after closely observing the blockchain industry, acknowledging its flaws and finding new opportunities. We found broader industry problems that were yet to be fixed, and along the way we found dozens of projects and individuals working towards solving similar issues and bringing DeFi gaming to new heights. Today, we would love to formalize this collaboration by announcing the DeFi Gaming Alliance!

What is the DeFi Gaming Alliance?

The Defi Gaming Alliance (DGA) is a community consisting of innovative leaders, technological rebels, gaming enthusiasts and DeFi experts. We’re aiming to combine the uniqueness of DeFi (decentralized finance), utilizing innovative technology and products such as NFTs, with the gaming industry that’s seen unprecedented growth and expansion over the past few years. We want to lift the DeFi industry to levels of mass adoption and scalability by means of gamification of user’s liquidity needs.

We promote the research of new protocols, services and products in the DeFi and NFT industry by promoting innovative efforts, bridging the gap between projects and laying focus on security. The goal is to form a strong and robust ecosystem consisting of dozens of projects, at the intersection between industries, with talent hailing from across the globe. In order to provide a headstart for new projects, we have our gates wide open to new projects, as well as providing the means to establish solid partnerships between existing projects.

The DGA is fostering and supporting the development of decentralized token-based economies for gaming enthusiasts that’s been lurking just around the corner for years. In this manner, gamers can not only answer their hunger for competition, but also enjoy modern financial services, utilize the many benefits of NFT technology for in-game items and collectables, and earn lucrative rewards.

What does the future hold for the Alliance?

The speculations about the gaming industry embracing cryptocurrency and its advances have been an ongoing topic since the emergence of the first digital currencies. However, true mass adoption is still yet to occur. We’re confident that bringing the right thought and industry leaders together can create the opportunity for that final push towards mass adoption, introducing gaming enthusiasts to the wonderful world of DeFi. Why are we so sure?

  • There are over 2.7 billion gamers worldwide, with over 41% of them being female
  • Video Games make up for larger industries than North American sports and movies combined
  • Global gaming sales have risen to nearly $180 billion in 2020
  • The global gaming market is expected to exceed $256 billion by 2025
  • Tencent generated $19.7 billion in revenue in 2018 alone from gaming company investments
  • DeFi trade volume in Q4 2020 was around $17.8 billion
  • The DeFi market grew more than 25 times in 2020 alone
  • NFT assets were traded for a total volume of $473.7 million in Q1 of 2021, double that of Q1 2020

With a world that’s begging for more inclusive, real-time and enhanced forms of social entertainment, the gaming industry is primed to answer this need. In the past year we’ve all seen how social distancing and indoor isolation can cripple in-person social interaction. But the gaming industry became an immediate solution for human connection through its cross-platform communication tools. The world is becoming increasingly digital and thus online games are essential to facilitating these online gatherings.

We believe that true adoption will only occur by combining finance (DeFi), scarcity (NFTs) and entertainment (gaming). To achieve this widespread adoption, we like to divide our vision in four cornerstones;

  1. Innovation: The simple introduction of NFTs in gaming is the perfect example how the gaming industry can be revolutionized through innovative technologies and DeFi concepts. The alliance will further expand, define, and evangelize NFTs as well as investigate and develop other groundbreaking technologies that can further revolutionize the DeFi and Gaming worlds for the better.
  2. Mass Adoption: By bringing decentralized finance, NFTs, entertainment, and gaming under one roof, we aim to reach mass adoption, one the biggest barriers for DeFi and NFT based applications. The DGA aims to support education and development of standards for user-friendly interfaces, product models that are easily understandable, and scalable blockchain technologies, driven by the experience of our innovation leaders and industry experts.
  3. Security: Trust and transparency are core pillars of any DeFi-based application, and a necessity for the gaming industry and its massive flowing revenues. Through the collective learning of our members, we can better define security standards necessary to building better and safer DeFi products and experiences.
  4. Regulation: The early crypto and ICO era revealed many flaws in the blockchain world, while also giving birth to truly innovative products. We learned many lessons from this era combined with the fact that the industry has far greater insight into regulatory bodies, globally. We’re now positioning ourselves to become the bridge between DeFi products and regulatory agencies to proactively prepare to combat regulation and work towards amicable compromises once regulators come knocking. Our understanding of the regulatory process is based on years of working with regulators in disruptive industries, and we’re looking to add additional members who specialize in the regulatory field as well.

As you can see, the DGA is not just trying to create a new type of NFT, or launching a new liquidity pool. We’re here to properly educate, innovate, secure and protect the projects and products that our members have dedicated their lives to building. We’re here to push the boundaries of DeFi and Gaming to induce mass adoption, and truly disrupt current industries as the home to industry pioneers!

DGA’s First Innovation — PRISM

The DeFi Gaming Alliance (DGA) was organized with the goal of creating a mass-adopted ecosystem where modern and lucrative decentralized financial services and NFT technology can be introduced to a broader audience through the exciting world of gaming. With the advancement of concepts such as tokenization of assets in the gaming industry, more value is being added to users’ rewards, unlockables, achievements, collectables, and purchased items that make them transferable, immutable, and unique; this concept is perfectly defined by everyone’s favorite DeFi asset — NFTs. However, this was just the first step for NFTs.

AnRKey X has been hard at work in stealth development of a cross-platform standard and SDK innovation that would enable us to bring true interoperability to gaming NFTs, and we’re excited to announce the first DeFi Gaming NFT standard the Protocol Rules for Interoperable Standardized Metadata (PRISM). Utilizing PRISM, we are creating standards for gaming NFT metadata that makes power levels, rarity, achievements, functions, rewards, and more data points cross-platform compatible for blockchain based gaming, while verifying, validating and enabling all those qualities and values to be completely transferable and utilized dynamically with any other NFT gaming platform. The member companies of the DGA are already testing this first generation of PRISM NFTs, and we plan to release a limited set to the community for developer testing soon.

Make sure to sign up on The DeFi Gaming Alliance for public testing opportunities, developer and industry news, and to recommend other best-in-class members to join our ranks as we innovate across the DeFi gaming industry. GAME ON!

Who’s behind the DeFi Gaming Alliance?

We are a member-based organization that consists of visionary DeFi gaming companies, thought leaders, NFT experts, and leading DeFi developers. We’re working together to create a trust-based and transparent ecosystem to achieve mass adoption of the DeFi gaming industry. We’ve mentioned thought leaders, experts and leading developers, but you’re probably still wondering who we’re referring to.

The DGA is still forming and we’re conversing with new protocols, individuals and projects every day, but we’re more than proud to announce the first five members of the alliance beneath.

AnRKey X

AnRKey X is a gDEX protocol, short for Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange based on ethereum with Layer-2 integrations. The protocol aims to enable full-scale interactive games based around DeFi mining systems, rewarding players with their native Arcade Coin, $ANRX, and the rarest NFTs around. At AnRKey X’s core runs a genuine game studio combined with an NFT art studio, built by artists, gamers, developers, and DeFi experts.


CertiK consists of The CertiK Foundation and The CertiK Chain. The CertiK Foundation is a nonprofit, research-driven organization with a mission to give people the power to trust in blockchain by focusing on security, performing audits and providing expert advice. CertiK Chain provides developers with the safeguards and flexibility to code with confidence, facilitating blockchain adoption for developers, and large enterprises alike.

Ferrum Network

Ferrum Network is building a DeFi ecosystem that interoperates across chains and removes barriers to mass adoption with user-friendly products for swapping, staking, and transferring cryptocurrencies. Its cross-chain DAG will enable the transfer of any digital asset in milliseconds for near-zero network fees, unlocking tremendous value for the entire industry.


Exeedme is a blockchain gaming platform that seeks to revolutionize the industry by giving gamers, developers, and organizers a place to monetize their skills. The goal is to do this utilizing the strengths of decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).


DigiCol is the first platform to empower users with one-click NFT creation. Moreover, users will be able to trade NFTs in the DigiCol marketplace without the hassles of connecting to a third-party wallet.

Want to learn more?

The DeFi Gaming Alliance will remain on the forefront of innovation in the industry. Want to learn more, and join the alliance? Head over to our site at


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