Maven Capital Joins The DeFi Gaming Coalition!

Pioneering a new industry requires a strong community of like-minded and innovative projects with a shared vision, and that’s what we’re focused on building here at the DeFi Gaming Coalition. We are constantly scouring the industry for emerging companies that share our technologically rebellious spirit and enthusiasm for fostering the growth of decentralized finance and gaming for mass adoption.

Nothing inspires us more than finding projects that share this same vision, which is why we are overjoyed to announce our newest member, a cryptocurrency incubator focused on funding, supporting, and advising ambitious cryptocurrency startups — Maven Capital!

Who is Maven Capital?

Maven Capital was launched to invest in and support aspiring and visionary cryptocurrency startups by providing resources, exposure, and industry expertise in fundraising and effective marketing. To date, Maven have applied their services to aid the acceleration of multiple Tier 1 projects within the industry, and are forming an exceptional reputation for their dedication to achieving the best possible outcome for their clients.

Maven Capital supports startups from the very beginning, lending a plethora of supportive services throughout the business’ journey to market and beyond. Their market trend research is unparalleled in the industry, they are experts in identifying cryptocurrency projects that are revolutionary and will drive the future of blockchain technology.

Maven Capital’s approach to incubation focuses on four key areas of support, social media awareness, strategic alliances, influencer outreach and advisor relationships. The convergence of these four areas offer a depth of support that cryptocurrency startups need to get to the next level. Whether it’s their staff writers who promote across social media or media alliances and advisors that help build and maintain momentum, Maven Capital provides everything that a startup needs to feel empowered and ready for success.

“The gaming sector is one to pay close attention, because it speaks to who we are as people. Today, both young and old, male and females alike spend hours playing games.

From gaming to NFTs to VR, and all points in between, this encompassing and expanding metaverse is changing humans beliefs, thoughts, and feelings about living their lives while interacting with others.

Sharing the vision of DeFi research, development, innovation and an interconnected ecosystem, Maven Capital is looking forward to playing a high value role with the DeFi Gaming Coalition. In joining the DeFi Gaming Coalition and advising, investing, and supporting ambitious industry leading projects, we aim to support the growth of this worthy coalition.”

— Mark Stein CEO, Maven Capital

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What is the DeFi Gaming Coalition?

A legion of innovators, technical geniuses, gaming fanatics, and DeFi experts, it is our ambition to merge DeFi’s uniqueness with the gaming world. By the gamification of DeFi’s liquidity, and by using groundbreaking technology and products such as NFTs, we wish to grow the DeFi industry to a point where it reaches mass acceptance and scalability.

We promote the research of new protocols, services, and products in the DeFi and NFT sectors by promoting innovative efforts, bridging the gap between projects, and laying focus on security. The goal is to form a strong and robust ecosystem, consisting of dozens of projects at the intersection between industries, with talent hailing from across the globe. In order to provide a headstart for new projects, our gates are wide open to welcome new projects, as well as providing the means to establish solid partnerships between existing projects.

The DGC is fostering and supporting the development of decentralized token-based economies for gaming enthusiasts that’s been lurking just around the corner for years. In this manner, gamers can not only answer their hunger for competition, but also enjoy modern financial services, utilize the many benefits of NFT technology for in-game items and collectibles, and earn lucrative rewards.

Want to learn more?

The DeFi Gaming Coalition will remain at the forefront of innovation in the industry. Want to learn more, and join the coalition? Head over to our site at

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