Simultaneous Backend & Frontend Development: Combining the Best of Blockchain & Gaming.

In 2008, Bitcoin’s release marked the first stable implementation of a self-sustaining, secure, and decentralized financial framework. Bitcoin is a technological amalgamation of peer-to-peer (P2P), blockchain, and cryptography; it became an unprecedented avenue for the ongoing drive towards decentralized systems.

Later, Ethereum entered the scene bearing a toolkit for distributed computing, facilitating a flurry of innovations in decentralized applications. Smart contracts are being leveraged across sectors from logistics to gaming. From facilitating process automation and intermediary elimination, control is increasingly shifting from centralized entities to decentralized communities.

Against this backdrop as developers at AnRKey X, we are working to decentralize the gaming industry, intelligently and effectively.

The idea is to recreate the gaming experience and culture from the 90s with innovative blockchain solutions. Inspired by the classic arcade coins, we are building a tradable cryptocurrency — $ANRX, with a self-sustaining gaming ecosystem around our Arcade Token.

On our journey, we have faced many difficult but crucial choices. In this article, we discuss an aspect that enhanced the development process of Battle Wave 2323, our crypto-incentivized game.

Separating Frontend & Backend Development

From the very beginning, we wanted AnRKey X to truly be a many-in-one solution. In building the gDEX protocol (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange), we gamified liquidity mining, yield farming, and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) assets. Thus, it became imperative to combine the best minds from blockchain and gaming. We achieved this by splitting our teams — blockchain experts for the backend and gaming specialists for the frontend.

Waypoint, a Los Angeles-based game developing company, took charge of the frontend gaming logic, UI, and UX. Behind the scenes, our seasoned crypto industry experts, and associates of Goldman Sachs innovated the backend.

As a whole, the collaborative environment got our creative juices flowing unbridled. It allowed for radical decision-making, short and modular development cycles, continuous development, and implementation abilities. And ultimately, greater agility and performance.

The Headless Backend Team: Decentralization Begins at Home

Much like charity, decentralization and meritocracy begin at home. Our backend developers are responsible for creating smart contracts that facilitate the gDEX’s fair market and economic models.

The logical framework of our protocol is inspired by the ideas of natural selection and survival of the fittest. Emulating these principles, we strived to build a truly self-sustaining and NFT-incentivized ecosystem. Wherein rewards are randomly distributed concerning the player’s gaming and computational hard work.

Furthermore, we assigned a derived value to every in-game NFT representing their retail value at the time of minting based on a plethora of factors (including the price of $ANRX). This addressed the persistent problem of illiquid NFTs. And in doing so we also enabled the possibility of a gamified liquidity mining mechanism. Our decisions were guided and informed by a broader vision of m$ports or Money Sports.

This is precisely what we intend to pioneer — a truly-incentivized gaming ecosystem, with “real” market value for in-game assets.

The Excitement at the Front

To build the game’s frontend, we partnered with our expert colleagues at Waypoint Game Studios. Collaborating with decades of experience in building diverse, intuitive, and gaming architectures. This was an act of sheer excitement, to say the least.

Moreover, they brought ground-breaking marketing ideas to the table, giving us an even greater sense of purpose. With the transformative recreation of the arcade gaming experience, our in-house and out-house teams have become one and inseparable.

As a company, we are also deeply rooted in Japanese pop and art-house cultures. Our developers and founders have direct experience working within the Japanese blockchain-crypto domain. These influences are quite visible in the way we conceived the game’s characters, their narrative, as well as our technical priorities.


AnRKey X is a nostalgic and passionate recreation of the 90s gaming experience. Rethought within a decentralized and incentivized framework. So much so, that the ecosystem is complete with the period’s artwork and its logic of specialized rewards.

In developing Battle Wave 2323 and its underlying gDEX protocol. We stand true to the blockchain-cryptocurrency community’s fundamental principles.

Our journey is not only about decentralizing gaming, but also about making it competitive, self-sustaining, and community-oriented. In our vision of the future, individual gamers are self-sovereign entities who own their gaming experience and are adequately incentivized for their efforts.

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