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4 min readApr 28, 2021


What a week it’s been so far for our FIRST Battle Wave 2323 Beta Testers! The first group from the 50 winners of the Founder achievement NFT have enjoyed 3 days of Battle Wave 2323 gameplay and function testing. So far the overall response has been very positive!

We sat down with one of our AnRKist Army public beta testers last night to see how they were enjoying the game! Please find the transcript below to gain some insight into how one of our first community members to play Battle Wave 2323 is finding the experience!

AnRKey X: Greetings AnRKey X Founder! Please briefly introduce yourself.

Turbo: Hi, thanks for having me! So I have been in crypto only a little while about 12 months. I got interested from friends of mine telling me about the technology and that previous leaders in companies like Google and Walmart are starting projects in crypto. With a bit of research it appeared they were right haha so I got involved and have been looking into it ever since!

AnRKey X: Wow great to hear! Now when did you find out about AnRKey X?

Turbo: I was in Tehmoonwalker’s telegram group when JD did the first AMA there!

AnRKey X: Ok cool so you were pretty early! Before hearing about us had you staked in a liquidity mining type platform before?

Turbo: I kinda knew what liquidity mining was but I hadn’t staked before in a platform like that. I had already staked in a reward pool where only project tokens are staked and you get an APY on those, but not LP tokens.

AnRKey X: Ok, and how are you finding the process of staking in our Battle Wave 2323 dashboard?

Turbo: Yeah its been good! The WIKI instructions have helped a lot and I have found them simple to follow, seems pretty seamless to me so far.

AnRKey X: Great to hear! Staked any Sacred Relic NFTs yet? Did you purchase the large or small pack?

Turbo: I have and so have the other members of my team! I bought a large Sacred Relic pack where I got 5 Relics to stake and some artillery! The animation on the chest and stuff when you confirm the transaction was also super cool!

AnRKey X: Cool and your Founder NFT? How are you going to use it!?

Turbo: It’s cool, I feel pretty lucky to have won it.. When we get it tomorrow I will probably stake it straight away!

AnRKey X: So, have you played the mini-game yet!?

Turbo: Yeah a lot! haha its really fun, good to have like a “traditional” game to play too. It gets pretty hard though lol. It’s a great feature to have access to when i’m not busy coordinating with my team mates or bored at work haha. I have collected about 15,000,000 oracle shards so far :)

AnRKey X: Cool! Now tell us about your team, how is it going communicating in the Discord window?

Turbo: Yeah pretty good, my team is Assassins. It’s been fun chatting with them in the Discord window on the dashboard. Also the function of ‘infiltrating’ is pretty cool we have eaves dropped on the other teams a bit haha, it will be cool when everyone is playing to see how much info you can get. I can see how it will make communication in the real game easier than having to switch to telegram or discord, I have a single screen haha so its perfect.

AnRKey X: Yes it’s how we integrate Esports! Team communication and strategy is paramount! Is there anything else you would like to share before we let you get back to it?

Turbo: So far its been cool! I like how you can set a custom screen name and upload your own picture as an avatar, that’s pretty cool. The music and effects sounds I also like, reminds me of some older retro games I used to play, looking forward to being able to play this a lot when its launched fully in a few weeks!

Stay tuned for further updates including a LIVE Twitch stream of the ongoing Public Beta Test — Friday April 30th 2021. Time to be announced!

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AnRKey X Official

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